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Welcome to the GoDaddy home of
Attention! HARC Tech Ctr.

Foxhunt Rescheduled for
Tuesday Evening,
June 22nd.   Starts at
the Holland Tech Center.
Everyone is Welcome as Always!

Both Manual and Doppler Antennas Allowed
in this Hunt

Click Here for a Special Message from the Fox.

Click Here for a Map to Tech Center.

Winners of the Manual Antenna Group will receive the awe and admiration of their fellow fox hunters along with the first option of being the FOX at the next HARC hunt.

Winners of the Doppler Antenna Group will receive the awe, admiration and jealous stares from their fellow fox hunters.

*Note new rule for this hunt: To “find” the Fox, one person from the team must identify him/herself to the Fox by name and call sign and give the Fox the final odometer reading.  They will be given directions to the site of the “Post Hunt Social Hour” and should then exit the hiding place without giving other hunters any hints as to the whereabouts of the Fox. Be sure to join us at the designated location to hear all the tall tales from the hunt.